Welcome to Corporate Intelligence Partners

CIP – Your Specialist for Corporate Surveys

CIP offers highly effective, survey-based consulting services as well as instruments geared for organizational development. We take a methodical approach to answering the simple, yet frequently asked crucial question, which prerequisites are necessary to grant that employees and executives do what is expected of them, what would situatively be "the right thing" or what they should do in conformity with the sales strategy.

  • Why are we good / not so good?
  • Are the employees at all levels prepared to demonstrate their value day by day?
  • How can the sales department achieve its objectives?
  • How can changes be implemented rapidly?
  • Why is the cooperation of key departments not running smoothly?
  • Why doesn't everyone share the internally communicated code of values?
  • How can an inclination to act to the detriment of the company be detected?

Our customers represent a variety of sectors including financial services, IT services, healthcare, logistics as well as the producing industry. Annually, we survey approximately 350,000 people inside and outside of organizations. CIP combines scientific and technical expertise with experience and know-how from the top management. As a result, we consider both, hard and soft success factors and targets.